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G E M S T O N E   E D U C A T I O N

Sea of Diamonds is proud to provide you with the finest in gemstones as well as the education you need to choose a beautiful piece of jewelry. Because gemstone quality is determined by the following important factors, we encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself to ensure that you make a well-informed purchase.

Cut - Unlike diamonds, gemstones do not to adhere to strict cut proportions in order to create visual impact. A well-cut gemstone is one that produces both strength and uniformity of color.

Color - The beauty and impact of a gemstone is defined by its color. This important characteristic is an expression of the stone's hue, saturation, and tone. Understanding these aspects of gemstones is the key to making a wise purchase and Sea of Diamonds is pleased to educate you on the important nuances that contribute to the stunning varieties of gemstone colors.

Clarity - The clarity of a gem is determined by the number of inclusions it contains. Because some gems are typically less included than others and the placement of the inclusions has a profound effect on the value and beauty of the stone, we have assembled this tutorial to educate you on what degree of clarity to expect from specific gems.

Size - Because the carat weight of a gemstone can be affected by the stone's density as well as its size, the actual dimensions of the stone are more significant to the consumer. To help you select a gemstone that meets your sizing expectations, Sea of Diamonds provides a wide range of gem sizes in a number of breathtaking settings.

Enhancements - The appearance, resilience, and availability of a gemstone can be enhanced by a variety of treatments. Although enhancing gemstones is a widespread process that has been practiced for centuries, stones that require no enhancements naturally have greater value than their enhanced counterparts.

Care - To ensure that your lovely gemstone jewelry remains stunning for years to come, follow simple care instructions.


As you contemplate the quality of a gemstone, consider how its cut affects the overall beauty and visual impact of the stone. Because gemstones vary in consistency and intensity of color as well as number of inclusions, a skilled gem cutter is concerned with creating the most stunning jewel possible, rather than the largest.

A stone that has been cut to maximize its size will often contain visible streaks or flaws, while one that has been carefully cut to capture the gemstone's inherent beauty will possess a stunning depth of color. Often a gemstone with a greater intensity of color is cut shallowly and one with less color saturation is given a deeper cut. These techniques are used to see that the amount of light reflected out of the stone will create the most dynamic effect possible. Regardless of the color, size, or weight of a gemstone, the facets should be symmetrical and the polish should ensure a smooth, even glimmer.

Making a Choice
By carefully selecting gemstones with vibrant colors as well as pristine surface quality, Sea of Diamonds is pleased to provide you with the very best selection from which to choose a beautiful piece that is sure to become a family treasure.


The seemingly limitless colors of gemstones create a stunning and dramatic effect. The hue, saturation, and tone all contribute to the depth of color and overall beauty of each gemstone.

The prevailing color of a gemstone is referred to as its hue. Most stones contain one dominant hue as well as one or more underlying colors. Those gems with the purest hues are the most rare and valuable.

The intensity of a gemstone's color is referred to as the saturation. Jewels with vivid color saturation exhibit little or no gray or brown hues, which can cause a dark or dull appearance. Sea of Diamonds carries only the most striking gemstones with intense color saturation.

Having great impact on the appearance of a gemstone is its tone, or depth of color. Ranging from "colorless" to "extremely dark" stones may vary in their transparency and richness of color. The most beautiful of these jewels will have a tone that lies in the middle of this range, offering both stunning color and a bright sparkle.

Making a Choice
It is important to consider all of these factors when selecting a gemstone as they each contribute to the lasting allure of the jewel. The variety of gemstone jewelry available at Sea of Diamonds makes it possible for you to easily find a piece that will leave her breathless.



As with diamonds, the clarity of a gemstone is determined by its number of internal flaws (inclusions) and external flaws (blemishes). Because specific gems tend to have more inclusions than others, the Gemological Institute of America has created three colored gemstone clarity types:

Type I
Type I gemstones are those that may typically have no inclusions visible to the naked eye. These stones may exhibit a high degree of clarity and those typically included in this category are Aquamarine, Beryl (green, pink, and yellow), Topaz and Zircon.

Type II
Although the minor inclusions found in this type are potentially visible to the unaided eye, they typically do not detract from the overall beauty of the gemstones. A skilled jeweler can create a favorable cut and setting that will enhance the loveliness of these gemstones. In this category you will usually find Amethyst, Garnet, Opal, Ruby, and Sapphires of all colors.

Type III
The gems included in this type, such as Tourmaline (red) and Emerald, are nearly always included, making nearly flawless specimens extremely rare and valuable. Gems of this type can be skillfully cut and set to exhibit a high level of beauty.

Making a Choice
Depending on the color of gemstone that you are seeking, the level of clarity that is available can vary greatly. Understanding both the gem types and the clarity grades is important in choosing the best quality gemstone that will allow you to stay within your budget while providing you with a cherished piece of jewelry from Sea of Diamonds.



Gemstones not only come in a wide variety of colors, they also possess a range of densities, making carat weight an often misleading characteristic. An emerald and a ruby of the same size will have vastly different weights. For this reason, most gemstone sizes are expressed in diameter or length and width measurements rather than weight.

Examining and clearly understanding the size of a gemstone is crucial for selecting a beautiful piece of jewelry. Sea of Diamonds provides you with all the information you need to calculate the size of each gemstone and determine which design is right for you.



Enhancements are treatments, other than cutting or polishing, which are performed on natural gemstones to improve their durability, availability, or appearance. By enhancing a gemstone, its natural color and stunning beauty is released, allowing it to truly sparkle.

There are several enhancement processes, some permanent, and some temporary. It is important to remember that the enhancements whether heat, irradiation, diffusion, dye, coating, filling, bleaching, oiling or laser are utilized to positively alter the gemstone. Gemstone enhancement is a common practice throughout the jewelry industry.



Taking proper care of your gemstone jewelry is the best way to ensure that it stays beautiful and valuable for a lifetime. It is important to regularly clean your gemstones to remove the unwanted build up caused by everyday activities, frequently used chemicals and beauty products. Using a gentle detergent and soft toothbrush is an affordable and effective way to keep your gemstone jewelry clean.

Sea of Diamonds takes great care to provide jewelry in which the gemstones are securely set. In addition, each and every piece of jewelry sold arrives in an attractive, secure package that may be used for years to come to store your precious gemstones.


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